Product Innovation 

SHANGHAI SANFEI FITNESS owns IMPACT and FANATIC two kinds of international registered fitness equipments brand. The first one dedicates to the fitness clubs, the latter one mainly serves fitness studio. The growth and expansion of the IMPACT & FANATIC brands represents the embodiment of the China fitness industry development of 20 years.

The concept of SANFEI’ innovation: focus on customer experience and optimize the manufacturing process at the same time.

All of the SANFEI’S products are designed based on customer experience as the foundation just to ensure that products are safe and reliable at the same time and make the training more professional and comfortable. Indeed, SANFEI’s innovation is seen as the continuous seeking of manufacturing process and makes such process to maximize service in product design.


Innovation in function

Since 10 years ago, SANFEI FITNESS started to design the product with both industrial designing team and professional Chinese fitness training team because we realized the importance of the breakthrough in traditional product functionality to achieve sublimation. In last 10 years, the professional fitness team as the key to guide each of the different training system; they give suggestions, constantly innovative solutions. It helps our product in produce level to provide higher performance.


Innovation in durability

If the advices from professional fitness team helps us to build product’s strong ‘skeleton’, then the industrial design team is the product’s ‘muscle’ maker. Our tube shapes from the round shape, square shape, rectangular shape to elliptic shape; our materials from iron, stainless steel to improved carbide steel; SANFEI FITNESS would like to make 100% of our efforts even there is only 1% improvement in products’ durability, safety and reliability.


Intelligentized Innovation

Apart from ‘strong bones’ and ‘body’, the soul of SANFEI FITNESS’s products is given by intelligentized innovation. Unlike the traditional equipment, our products now are able to provide trainer’s body feedback along with training data through networking links in order to revise the training plan from the training system and make the training more logical. It makes the whole training process can ‘learn’ and ‘grow’.


Innovation in manufacturing

To maximize the customer experience in the limited training space is now the general market demands. So the modern fitness equipment must be fully functional and requires less space. It is not only the challenge for designing; also it’s one of many manufacturing difficulties. Since the traditional production technology has been rapid over by the market demands now our company continues to develop new manufacturing technology based on smaller and lighter products design concept.